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The Crossing
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Original Bison Oil Painting on Linen Canvas

Private Collection

A bison gently wades into the river seeking richer pastures on the other side. For a short distance the wade turns into a swim and soon the shores safety is reached. Following the success of their leader the rest of the herd make their way down the river bank and start to head out across the waters. New pastures are found and the bison herd are content to graze once more. The wonderful area of Yellowstone National Park provides a fine refuge for bison who once roamed the North American plains in their millions.

Keep not standing, fixed and rooted, briskly venture, briskly roam - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, 1749-1832.

Poem by Beth Roberts (April, 2010), written about "The Crossing"

I stand there, transfixed,

waiting, watching, willing him to move.

He stands there, looking, listening.

"It's time to go." they say, "You'll miss your plane."

yet still I cannot move.

Then suddenly, within a moment

my dream is processed forward to reality

as instinct drives his powerful frame into the river.

The light and colours on the water shimmer and change.

He stands there, looking, listening.

All is well. He surges onward.

Then, as the others follow, the majesty and magnetism

of that moment draw me into the water

and I am caught,

my heart beating fast, captured as they are captured

by the heartbeat clicking of a lense.

The power and beauty of that crossing, of my God's creation

goes with me as I make my own crossing.

I close my eyes

and once again I dream the reality of what I've seen.

Wildlife Art Paintings

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Wildlife Art Paintings

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