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Trust in Above
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Original Oil Painting on Canvas, 40"x 30"

Private Collection

To Purchase a Fine Art Canvas Limited Edition of "Trust in Above" please go to the Fine Art Canvas Editions   section within the Gallery.

Trust in Above is available as a Fine Art Canvas Editions . The painting exhibited in the prestigious Leigh Yawkey Woodson Museum's "Birds in Art" exhibition, Wisconsin, USA.

Light penetrates flailing palm leaves, reaching through to centre stage a clutch of palm fruit. Linear and oval contrast in form, direct light and cast shadows further enhance the scene. A red-bellied woodpecker's confidence belies its precarious position beneath the overhanging fruit of the tree.

The artist is the person who makes life more interesting or beautiful, more understandable or mysterious, or probably, in the best sense, more wonderful - George Bellows

Every common biological organism is more intricately articulated, more astoundingly put together, than the most sublime literary composition - despite all evasions, the ultimate agency of intelligence stares one in the face - Frederick Ferre

Live your beliefs and you can turn the world around - Henry David Thoreau.

Wildlife Art Paintings

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The Art of BAS Original Wildlife Art Paintings

BAS' Original Wildlife Art Paintings, created with the artists' unique vision and expertise while using the finest oil paints and art materials, are available for discerning art collectors. Please contact the Art of BAS for any further information about the Original Wildlife Art Paintings. Commissioned oil paintings by BAS are created through close consultancy with the art purchaser.

Commissions of wildlife art paintings and other subjects are undertaken for Government agencies, the corporate sector and private clients.

It is well established that art can represent the image and philosophy of a company and create a more aesthetically pleasing working environment that also enhances the experience of your clients.

Wildlife Art Paintings

Wildlife nature fine art

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The Original Wildife Art Paintings displayed within this section of the website show a variety of BAS` artwork with related descriptions. The original wildlife art paintings are highly collectible and the identifiable style of BAS' art has commanded much approval from various spheres of the art world. New wildlife art paintings will be added periodically to the website. We hope that you enjoy viewing The Art of BAS and encourage you to communicate freely with the artist.

Various quotes about BAS' paintings from other artists, art critics and individuals within the world of Contemporary Art are found within these pages. Also there are quotes from famous authors and people from times past until present day, such as: William Shakespeare; Vincent Van Goch; Picasso; Dante; William Blake; Karen Blixen; Tennyson; John Muir; Albert Einstein; William Wordsworth; George Washington Carver; and biblical writers amongst others.

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