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Homeland Reflections

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My home and studio are located on an idyllic stretch of coastline in South Wales, Great Britain. Rest Bay is appropriately named and is a place where I gain much serenity and inspiration. Walks along headland and beach in the bracing sea air provide an invigorating and healthy exchange from total immersion in paint. Returning home from much travel, related to research trips or exhibitions, this is a familiar place where the eye can peer towards the horizon and the rhythm of life is set by the motion of the tides.

Limestone rocks enclose the shore, protruding in points and encircling bays, creating plenty of interest for the beachcomber. Rock pools harbour life within and the expanse of beach and tides edge are daily providers for various coastal birds.

Wildlife Adventures

The rocks were among my first teachers. from them I have learned how to sit and be still. Once I did this, I began to notice everything around me in a new way. - Old Sage

Wildlife Adventures


wildlife adventures,wildlife adventure,wildlife,bas,art of bas,Atlantic Ocean waves, shore, coves - George Washington Carver


Wet sand reflects the sky, mirroring the light of the day, the ethereal wind- born clouds, and the warm fiery path of the sun. Coves are further harbingers of inspiration, pebbles and rocks create forms which are moulded by light, solid yet transient, as the daily tides cover and caress. It is easy to lose yourself amongst these secret places, and on such occasions they reveal their secrets to the attentive.

Never a day passes but that I do myself the honour to commune with some of nature's varied forms - George Washington Carver

The perpetual motion of the sea enhances the ever-changing, daily fresh moods of the environment. Waves generated in the Atlantic Ocean reach the bay and have provided me with great times of recreation, surfing in such beautiful surroundings. As an artist I could spend more than a lifetime's work along this shore and amidst its coves; it holds more than can be encompassed by vision and sense, and the one who is content with being finite in the company of the infinite is better for such a place.

Wildlife Adventures


There is a pleasure in the pathless woods,
There is a rapture in the lonely shore,
There is society where none intrudes,
By the deep sea and music in its roar.

Lord Byron

Wildlife Adventures


wildlife adventures,wildlife adventure,wildlife,bas,art of bas,Lord Byron,woods, deep sea, shore, music
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The Wildlife Adventures section of the website comprises of writings and images based on BAS' research trips around the globe. If you have any questions about the artists wilderness experiences then please contact BAS , there is much more gained from such wildlife adventures than can be expressed on these pages. Here you will learn of his wildlife encounters and the impressions that the varied locations made on the artist as he sought inspiration for his wildlife and nature art . More locations will be added to this section as BAS continues his passion for being immersed amongst the natural wonders of the world.


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