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Tropical Trinidad

Trinidad is part of the string of islands within the West Indies. It is the Southern most island of the West Indies and on a clear day the South American Continent can be seen from Trinidad, the coast of Venezuela being visible to the naked eye. It's sister island is Tobago, similar in many respects but perhaps more tranquil due to its smaller population. BAS' visit to Trinidad was primarily in search of it's rich bird life, it's quite a haven for many exotic species and gives a taste of the neighboring South American flora and fauna.

Part of BAS' research trip was spent at the famous Asa Wright Lodge which is world renowned amongst bird enthusiasts. Here he was able to study many varieties of hummingbird and other exotic birds of the tropics. During daylight there were many feeding locations which enabled good observation of the varied bird life within the reserve. The unique Oil Bird is also found at this location, nesting within caves and flying only at night. The Oil Bird is totally blind and relies on eco-location to fly and feed mid air.

Wildlife Adventures

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Photographing hummingbirds became a real challenge for BAS, the subject is only a couple of inches in size, moves extremely fast at the blink of an eye, and is hyperactive - not wanting to be still for a second! Thankfully, with much patience and fast shutter speeds BAS was able to capture these beautiful minute creatures both in flight and momentary rest.

Caroni Swamp is a well worth adventure, leading to islands where Scarlett Ibis nest en-mass. Winding through the mangrove swamp by canoe overhanging branches held boa-constrictors in balance and other creatures within its dark recesses. At dusk the skies soon filled with a redness other than that of the setting sun as thousands of Scarlett Ibis returned to their nests after the days feeding in Venezuela. They were joined by numerous egrets, providing a spectacular gathering of the feathered kind.

Wildlife Adventures

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The Wildlife Adventures section of the website comprises of writings and images based on BAS' research trips around the globe. If you have any questions about the artists wilderness experiences then please contact BAS , there is much more gained from such wildlife adventures than can be expressed on these pages. Here you will learn of his wildlife encounters and the impressions that the varied locations made on the artist as he sought inspiration for his wildlife and nature art . More locations will be added to this section as BAS continues his passion for being immersed amongst the natural wonders of the world.


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